Wednesday, March 5, 2014

50 tips for non-fiction storytellers

Since most of my time is taken up with my thesis these days I don’t get a chance to read many digital marketing blogs. But one that I still return to is Gavin Heaton’s Servant of Chaos. I used to love his Five Must-Read Posts of each week. Although the blog posts are generally aimed at digital strategists and marketing professionals, I frequently stumble across little insights that make me think about the ways in which academics engage (or fail to engage) with public audiences.

It was through Servant of Chaos that I recently discovered Adam Westbrook’s 50 tips for non-fiction storytellers. It’s brilliant. There is so much here for researchers that I hardly know where to start. Reading through I could immediately see possibilities to apply some of these narrative devices to blog posts, online news articles and YouTube videos. But just as importantly, I could see plenty of opportunities to apply these insights to more traditional academic outputs, such as conference papers and journal articles. Take a look and let me know which particular tips make you stop and rethink the conventions of academic storytelling…

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