Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Employable PhD: How to prepare for your future career before you submit

Postgraduate students are intellectual entrepreneurs: creative, highly motivated freethinkers who are expert at solving problems. So, why is it that they often feel least prepared to enter the workforce?

I'm really excited to be speaking at short seminar series, presented by the wonderful University of Western Australia Postgraduate Students Association - "The Employable PhD".

The aim of the seminars? To explore strategies that can help postgraduate students prepare for their post-PhD career before they submit their thesis.

We’re all aware it’s getting more challenging to secure academic roles. What other options are available and how can students better prepare for these opportunities?

The seminar series will feature business coach & educator, Arjun Murthy, and topics include: how to identify key strengths, market academic skill-sets to non-academic employers, navigate hidden job markets, network effectively and optimise your online presence.

Here's an overview of the three sessions...

Tuesday, 25 September - “Know thy self": Identify your strengths and skills

The essential first step in career management is to understand the strengths and  skills that you can offer employers. This seminar will be presented by coach and trainer Arjun Murthy, who will assist you to better understand your personality preferences and transferable skills.
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Wednesday, 26 September - "Tell your story" Promoting yourself and your research online

With more and more employers using Google to screen job candidates, establishing a strong online presence is now one of the most powerful ways to gain a competitive advantage in job markets. This interactive session, presented by myself, will address common concerns that prevent academics from promoting their research online and outline how to develop a communications strategy that will allow you to tell your story to a global audience, build a community around your research, and become an influencer in your discipline area.

Please bring an ipad or laptop to this session if you can as we will take a tour of the interwebs at some point. However,  if I see you on Facebook I will cut off your hands. Kidding*!

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Thursday, 27 September - “Don’t just sit there!”: Strategies to proactively seek out career opportunities

Discover a toolbox of strategies to help you seek out opportunities in your chosen job market - or even create new ones. Arjun Murthy and myself will explore career management and goal setting, tips for effective networking, and how to identify hidden job markets.
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I'm looking forward to sharing the results and will report back in a few weeks!

*I'm not really kidding.


  1. Hi Jo, this sounds really interesting. Do you know if it will be recorded for those of us far away? Enjoy the blog.

  2. Hi Pete! I will most certainly be posting the slides from my session on this blog. Might even add a voiceover and post on YouTube (thanks @Tetracarbon for this suggestion!).
    It's the first time the PSA has run a seminar series like this so we're all learning - if the feedback is positive, we may run future sessions which we can look at recording. Thanks for the suggestion!