Friday, August 20, 2010

What is historypunk?

After spending a childhood in rural Australia dreaming of travel and adventure, I couldn't wait to head off to see the world. A commerce degree later I was only my way to London where I worked in advertising, the music industry and travelled for six years. Then one day, I realised the biggest adventure had been waiting for me at home the whole time.

I was soon back in Perth to do the one thing I'd always dreamed of doing - completing a History degree. After juggling part time study with a job as a digital marketing specialist I took the plunge and am now studying full time at the University of Western Australia.

I'm endlessly curious about the stories we choose to tell, and fascinated by those we don't. Historypunk is a journal of my ongoing adventures in history.

The aim of Historypunk? To reveal the stuff they didn’t tell you at school, provide an alternative take on Australian History and maybe surprise you with a few stories from our own backyard. Because our history is not something that belongs solely to politicians, academics and educators. These are our stories and they belong to us. They’re just waiting for us to claim them.

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